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Review - Dedication, Elimination & Qawali episode (SurKshetra)

The management did not post a review last week because only one episode aired last week instead of two. So this review will discuss the dedication episode, the elimination episode and the Qawali episode.


First of all, Atif Aslam, his entire family, his fans and the management want to offer their condolences on the unfortunate and sad demise of Asha Bhosle’s daughter Varsha Bhosle. Nothing is more important or precious then a human life and especially when it’s the life of your own flesh and blood.  The show, the forced rivalry between the countries, winning or losing, none of it matters at the moment. We sincerely offer our condolences to the entire Bhosle family specially Asha ji. Atif Aslam personally wishes that he could meet Asha ji and offer his support in the light of this very shocking and sudden incident.


Moving on to the review, we want to point out is that the production team is hell-bent on portraying Atif as a negative person. They highlight the valid mistakes he points out in performances with a lot of scary background music but edit out most of the portions where he praises the contestants. A simple example was seen in the "Dedication” episode where Atif’s entire comment was edited out after Diljaan’s performance. Atif not only praised his performance and dedication to the late great Jagjit Singh, he also praised the legendary singer and told about his experience of meeting the Ghazal maestro and what a delight it was! The editing team conveniently skipped all of that. Atif points out mistakes from performances because he has observed, infact the majority of the viewers have observed favoritism and bias in certain judgments. Atif has to point out the mistakes to at least try and keep the judgment balanced and fair. Even when he pin points the mistakes, the points go hay wire at times, we can only imagine what would happen if he doesn’t. So we just want to point this out that many portions are being edited just to portray Atif as someone who is always negative. We are very thankful to editing team for not editing out the warm hug that Atif gave Diljaan in the Qawali episode. It was the first time the captain of an opposing team hugged a contestant from the other team. When Atif feels the performances is good, he does appreciate it. But at times it becomes very hard to stay positive when the judgment is being so negative.


We also want to wish Team Pakistan on winning the first round and specially want to congratulate Sara Raza Khan on becoming the first finalist on the show. At the same time, we want to wish Shahzad Ali all the luck for the future. As Atif said in the episode, elimination is not the end for any contestant, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter is their lives.


After watching the first round of elimination, we can safely say that Team Pakistan could not have won solely based on their performances. If Atif didn’t put himself out there each time for his team, things might have been very different at the moment. Its his dedication and passion for his contestants that made it possible. Atif doesn’t make statements like his fellow captain when he states that he always points out the positives or that he doesn’t want a contestant to think he sang well even though he didn’t. We all know that these statements have been contradicted by the fellow captain himself on many occasions. Atif doesn’t make such emotionally overflowing statements. From the beginning, he has always kept the same approach. If he finds problems in a performance, he points them out. If a Pakistani performance is being critiqued and he feels that the performance wasn’t that bad, he points that out too. Obviously he is not supposed to point out mistakes from performances of his own team but he doesn’t defend them either when they are flawed. On many occasions he has simply advised his contestant to work harder the next time and accepted the jury’s verdict. He only takes a stand when it is needed. Unfortunately, it is often needed


We want to conclude this review by saying that we are expecting a lot of fireworks in the coming week because last 2 episodes have been dominated by Team Pakistan. It seems that things will get quite explosive because of it. Whatever happens, we will post a review about it and keep all the Aadeez informed! See you next week!

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