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[2014-03-15][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam Junior: Atif aslam and sarah bharwana blessed with a baby boy (2)
[2013-11-09][Atif aslam Articles]
Difficult to make it big as celebrity in Pakistan: Atif Aslam (0)
[2013-10-14][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile (0)
[2013-07-09][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam scraped a award "MUSIC ICON OF THE YEAR" at Lux Style award 2013 (0)
[2013-07-05][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam To Sing For Akshay Kumar’s ‘Its Entertainment’ (1)
[2013-06-26][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam to perform in 12th LUX Style Awards (0)
[2013-06-24][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam praises Meesha Shafi for her song in The Reluctant Fundamentalist (1)
[2013-05-19][Atif aslam Articles]
From Aadat to The Reluctant Fundamentalist: What makes me proud of Pakistan (2)
[2013-04-28][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif Aslam dazzles at the Bollywood Showstopper (0)
[2013-04-17][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam Popularity increased after marriage (4)
[2013-03-28][Atif aslam news]
Congratulations: Atif Aslam weds long-time love! (1)
[2013-03-26][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Ties The Knot (10)
[2013-03-16][Atif aslam news]
Shreya Ghoshal, Atif Aslam share birthdays (0)
[2013-03-02][Atif aslam news]
Pakistani artists plus Bollywood equals drama and politics (0)
[2013-02-11][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam: Times Most Desirable Men 2012 (1)
[2013-01-20][Atif aslam Articles]
5 Popular Collaborations of Atif Aslam (0)
[2013-01-16][Atif aslam Reviews]
Sur Kshetra Grand Finale Review by ATIF ASLAM (1)
[2013-01-16][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam to perform at Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) Launch Ceremony (0)
[2013-01-11][Atif aslam Articles]
Best of '12: Atif aslam Never ceases to Impress! (0)
[2013-01-05][Atif aslam Articles]
Sur kshetra: Healthy bit of rivalry between India and Pakistan (0)
[2012-12-29][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam ,Bipasha Basu, Malaika Arora Khan, Shaan, Bolly Flex set to perform in UK’s Bollywood Showstoppers (0)
[2012-12-28][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam is “Bigra Hua”, says Asha Bhosle, Atif responded with... (1)
[2012-12-21][Atif aslam news]
Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Declared The Winner of Sur Kshetra (1)
[2012-12-05][Atif aslam interview]
Interview: Tete -a- tete with Atif Aslam (1)
[2012-11-23][Movie songs lyrics]
Atif Aslam – Aa Bhi Ja Mere Mehermaan (Mp3 Download and Lyrics) (2)
[2012-11-20][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Has Half a Dozen Songs Lined Up For Release (1)
[2012-11-15][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam calls Usman Riaz to appreciate his talent (0)
[2012-11-15][Atif aslam Reviews]
‘Aa Bhi Ja Mere Mehermaan’ by Atif Aslam [REVIEW] (2)
[2012-11-12][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam gets International Brandlaureate Brand Personality Award (0)
[2012-10-31][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam & Himesh are jokers: Daler Mehndi (7)
[2012-10-26][Atif aslam Articles]
Is Sur Kshetra in line with Aman Ki Asha or is it just Atif vs Asha? (0)
[2012-10-21][Atif aslam Reviews]
Review - Dedication, Elimination & Qawali episode (SurKshetra) (0)
[2012-10-14][Atif aslam Articles]
The Battle of Sur (Kshetra) (0)
[2012-10-05][Atif aslam Reviews]
Sur Kshetra Review - Week 3 (1)
[2012-10-02][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Hitting Hollywood Again (3)
[2012-09-29][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam collaborates with Jazba for Pakistan’s First Rockumentary (0)
[2012-09-22][Atif aslam news]
Atif belts it out (0)
[2012-09-19][Atif aslam Reviews]
Blog Review - Week 2 (SurKshetra) (3)
[2012-09-12][Atif aslam interview]
Atif Aslam always wanted to become a cricketer (0)
[2012-09-03][Atif aslam news]
Multi-taskers have no personal life: Atif Aslam (1)
[2012-08-24][Atif aslam news]
Gabriel joined Atif aslam to sing faiz's lyrics in The Reluctant Fundamentalists (1)
[2012-08-20][Atif aslam news]
Atif competes with Mika for Vivek Oberoi (0)
[2012-08-17][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Sings 3 Songs Out of 4 for “Jayanta Bhai ki Luv Story” (2)
[2012-08-17][Atif aslam news]
British Rocker Peter Gabriel & Pakistani Rockstar Atif Aslam sings Faiz’s verse for Mira Nair (0)
[2012-08-17][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam's song in Jayantabhai ki luv story to release on 1st of September (8)
[2012-08-11][Atif aslam news]
Survey: Atif aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali khan are Top Favouite Male voice! (1)
[2012-07-28][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Contributes to the Soundtrack of The Reluctant Fundamentalist (0)
[2012-07-26][Atif aslam news]
Ranbir Kapoor can best synchronize to Atif aslam's voice (0)
[2012-07-22][Atif aslam news]
Pune's glitterati at Atif Aslam show (0)
[2012-07-16][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam strummed Michael Jackson’s guitar in Pune (0)
[2012-07-16][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif Aslam is excited about Race-2 (0)
[2012-07-13][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam's first movie BOL to scrap three awards at Lux Style awards 2012 (1)
[2012-07-07][Atif aslam news]
Colors ties up with Sahara One for Sur-Kshetra (0)
[2012-07-04][Atif aslam news]
Asha Bhosle leaves the stage after argument with Atif Aslam during sur kshetra (9)
[2012-07-01][Atif aslam interview]
Music to your ears: Atif Aslam to pay tribute to two late Bollywood stars (0)
[2012-07-01][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam's Dholna sounds more like peace-fully melancholic fusion (Pakium review) (0)
[2012-06-26][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam's Dholna to add spiritual dimensions (Review) (0)
[2012-06-26][Atif aslam Reviews]
Why does Atif Aslam have to wear different clothes for every song on “Coke Studio”? (0)
[2012-06-26][Atif aslam Reviews]
Coke studio season 5 episode 4 (Review) By Sheharyar Rizwan (0)
[2012-06-24][Lyrics Singles of atif aslam]
Lyrics:Dholna HD, Atif Aslam, Coke Studio, Season 5, Episode 4 [Audio/video] (0)
[2012-06-22][Atif aslam news]
"Charkha Nolakha" The first song to get 1.1m views on youtube this season (0)
[2012-06-20][Atif aslam news]
Nadaan Parinday is not sung by me.Atif aslam says (2)
[2012-06-18][Atif aslam news]
I love Listening to Atif aslam.Prakriti Mishra (0)
[2012-06-18][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam's concert in Delhi ‎(10 september 2012) (0)
[2012-06-13][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam Romantic song To be picturized on Saif and Deepika in Race-2 (1)
[2012-06-10][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam's Vadodara concert postponed (0)
[2012-06-08][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam and me are close Friends.says Humaima Malik (1)
[2012-06-07][Atif aslam Articles]
Coke studio episode 1 ideas shared By Atif aslam and Qayaas (0)
[2012-06-05][Atif aslam Articles]
Singer Atif Aslam’s fourth album will be all about him and his journey to find himself (0)
[2012-06-05][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam look alike enjoys limelight in Dubai (2)
[2012-06-04][Atif aslam interview]
Looking upto 2012: Is the Atif Aslam year about to start? (1)
[2012-06-02][Atif aslam Reviews]
‘Coke Studio Season 5’ wows with 2nd episode (Review) (0)
[2012-06-02][Atif aslam Reviews]
Though Atif aslam's "Rabba Sacheya" takes a different edge after 5 minutes (Pakium review) (0)
[2012-06-02][Atif aslam Reviews]
I am not a Atif aslam fan but Rabba sacheya Made me realised it.Kinza Tahir (0)
[2012-06-01][Atif aslam news]
No Atif Aslam in the third episode of coke studio season 5 2012 (0)
[2012-05-31][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam's Rabba sacheya:Starts with a very ‘Na Raindee hai’ atmosphere (Rohit's Review) (0)
[2012-05-30][Atif aslam Articles]
"Sur kshetra" ignored in the shade of "coke studio" (0)
[2012-05-28][Atif aslam Articles]
Coke Studio featuring Atif aslam : Sweet songs of the soil (0)
[2012-05-27][Atif aslam news]
Alamgir: ‘I am thankful to Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam’ (1)
[2012-05-27][Lyrics Singles of atif aslam]
Lyrics:Rabba Sacheya HD, Atif Aslam, Coke Studio, Season 5, Episode 2 [Audio/video] (8)
[2012-05-23][Atif aslam news]
Qayaas Band thanked Atif aslam for promoting them in coke studio season 5 (0)
[2012-05-23][Atif aslam Articles]
Expectations & Info:Atif aslam's performance in 2nd episode of coke studio season 5 (0)
[2012-05-23][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam & Qayaas:The rock, Rap, raga and rhythm of Coke Studio season 5 (0)
[2012-05-20][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam attended ali zafars birthday! (0)
[2012-05-16][Atif aslam Reviews]
Rock the kalam: Atif and Qayaas spin magic with ‘Charkha Nolakha’ (Insteps Review) (0)
[2012-05-16][Atif aslam interview]
Qayaas talks their experience with atif aslam in coke studio 5 (0)
[2012-05-16][Atif aslam Reviews]
The song "Charkha nolakha" energizes when it crosses 5:30 (Pakium Review) (0)
[2012-05-15][Atif aslam Reviews]
When rockstar (Qayaas) and popstar (Atif Aslam) go united (KM Review) (0)
[2012-05-15][Atif aslam Articles]
Tribune says Atif aslam proved his critics wrong! (0)
[2012-05-14][Atif aslam Reviews]
Song Review:Charkha Nolakha, Atif Aslam and Qayaas, Coke Studio (Ratings) (0)
[2012-05-13][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam's movie bol and "Hona tha pyar" nominated in 11th LUX Style Awards 12 (0)
[2012-05-13][Lyrics Singles of atif aslam]
Lyrics:Charkha Nolakha HD, Atif Aslam and Qayaas, Coke Studio, Season 5, Episode 1 [Audio/video] (0)
[2012-05-12][Atif aslam Articles]
Words as intro of Atif aslam by coke studio (0)
[2012-05-12][Atif aslam news]
On-Air Schedule of Atif aslam's performance in coke studio (0)
[2012-05-11][Atif aslam news]
Farhad Humayun talks about Atif aslam's magical moments in coke studio (0)
[2012-05-11][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam to record two songs in race 2 [confirmed] (2)
[2012-05-08][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam to sing 4 Songs in Season 5 of Coke Studio (0)
[2012-05-07][Atif aslam Reviews]
How Atif Aslam Rocked the O2 Arena? (0)
[2012-05-07][Atif aslam Articles]
Pak-India music competition will be hotly contested: Himesh (0)
[2012-05-07][Atif aslam news]
Sur kshetra to be aired on 14 of June (0)
[2012-05-06][Atif aslam Articles]
Coke Studio 5: Move to the music featuring Atif aslam (0)
[2012-05-06][Atif aslam news]
Qayaas to perform with Atif aslam in coke studio (0)
[2012-05-04][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam and Atif arena was trending on twitter!!! (0)
[2012-05-02][Atif aslam news]
Coke studio's Featuring Atif aslam is going to start from 13 of may!!!! (0)
[2012-05-02][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif Aslam bowls over London (0)
[2012-04-28][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam Facebook Page is back now [But with some secrets to reveal] (0)
[2012-04-27][Atif aslam interview]
5 mins with Atif aslam after Dhamaka O2 arena concert (0)
[2012-04-26][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam facebook fan page with 3.6 million fan hacked!!! (8)
[2012-04-19][Lyrics Singles of atif aslam]
Lyrics:Atif Aslam - Juro Gey to Jano Gey - Official Jazba Song [Video] (13)
[2012-04-18][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam tweet: something is cooking!!! (0)
[2012-04-10][Atif aslam news]
Bipasha basu tweeted that she loves Atif aslam's voice (0)
[2012-04-06][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam to be seen in coke studio 2012 pakistan with guns and roses (0)
[2012-04-06][Atif aslam Articles]
Alleged Atif Aslam Fiance Pics take rounds off Internet, Is this really Sara Bharwana? (14)
[2012-04-04][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam engaged to sarah bharwana? [Picture Inside] (15)
[2012-03-31][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam,Faiza mujahid and Hadiqa kiani's song hona tha pyar to be nominated for Mirchi music Award 2011 (0)
[2012-03-31][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam wraps up ‘Sur Kshetra’ Shooting, See His New Look (4)
[2012-03-29][Atif aslam news]
I’ve no idea about Veena malik’s success: Atif Aslam (0)
[2012-03-15][Atif aslam Articles]
London Asian Film Festival: A big leap for Bol and Tamanna by sher khan (0)
[2012-03-05][Atif aslam news]
sur kshetra to be aired this march [Confirmed] (2)
[2012-02-26][Atif aslam news]
Indians will come to know about Pakistan’s culture: Atif Aslam (0)
[2012-02-26][Atif aslam Articles]
Knitty gritty about Sur kshetra by Atif arena (0)
[2012-02-26][Atif aslam news]
Sur Kshetra halted, rights sold to Star Plus Network? (0)
[2012-02-26][Atif aslam news]
Tu Mohabbat Hai Remix - Feat Atif Aslam Released [Video] (1)
[2012-02-10][Atif aslam news]
My album is done and ready to come out.Atif aslam (1)
[2012-01-16][Atif aslam Articles]
A big blast in Pak-India musical history (2)
[2012-01-14][Atif aslam news]
Abida Parveen and Runa Laila to judge Sur-Kshetra (0)
[2012-01-14][Atif aslam news]
Stampede at Atif Aslam concert in Lahore (0)
[2012-01-14][Atif aslam news]
Training is not compulsory and mandatory to be a good singer: says Atif Aslam (0)
[2012-01-07][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif needs me-time By: Sheena Thomas (0)
[2011-12-21][Atif aslam interview]
A Close shave with Atif aslam ;-) (2)
[2011-12-05][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam now as a judge in Indian Reality TV Show (0)
[2011-11-24][Atif aslam interview]
Meri kahani,Meri zabani.Atif aslam interviewed (2)
[2011-11-16][Atif aslam interview]
Atif aslam interview to 'The Telegraph,calcutta':telling how girls went crazy in concerts (0)
[2011-11-12][Movie songs lyrics]
Lyrics: Main Waari Jaavan By Atif aslam & Shreya Goshal (Ost:Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya) (1)
[2011-11-03][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam with more than 3 million fans at facebook (4)
[2011-10-28][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam to be in top 5 finalist in MTV IGGY (0)
[2011-10-11][Atif aslam news]
Perk For Atif Aslam Fans; “I’m not a Brand Conscious Guy” (3)
[2011-10-10][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam to consider more Films, If only the scripts are Good! (0)
[2011-10-10][Atif aslam interview]
Exploring new dimensions – Atif Aslam (part 2) (1)
[2011-10-10][Atif aslam interview]
Exploring new dimensions – Atif Aslam (0)
[2011-10-06][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Has Been Nominated In MTV Iggy’s For Global Super Star (0)
[2011-10-06][Atif aslam Articles]
I am living a dream, says Atif Aslam (0)
[2011-09-22][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam may be performing at Gautam Gambhir's wedding (1)
[2011-09-14][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam To Perform With Ex Members of GnR To Pay Tribute To 9/11 Victims (0)
[2011-09-11][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif Aslam and Shiraz Uppal talk about Bol’s music (0)
[2011-09-11][Atif aslam Articles]
Bollywood music is no longer vibrant now: Atif Aslam (1)
[2011-09-09][Atif aslam Articles]
Bol gets warm reception in Texas (0)
[2011-09-06][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam's movie Bol Top Reviews One place (0)
[2011-09-04][Atif aslam news]
Gulraiz sarfraz's comments about Atif aslam's bol (1)
[2011-09-04][Atif aslam interview]
The Big League: Atif Aslam (0)
[2011-09-02][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam's Bol to get more rating than salman khan's Bodyguard (1)
[2011-09-02][Atif aslam Reviews]
Bol: Movie Review by Times of india (1)
[2011-09-02][Atif aslam Articles]
Bol inspires audiences across the border (0)
[2011-09-02][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam’s official website revamped! (2)
[2011-08-30][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam's movie Bol Review By Taran Adarsh (0)
[2011-08-29][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam's Official website Launching with new design this month! (21)
[2011-08-29][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam plunges into the world of acting (0)
[2011-08-28][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif aslam's ‘Bol’ movie screened in London, wins over media critics (0)
[2011-08-28][Atif aslam news]
Naseeruddin Shah regrets not doing Atif aslam’s BOL (0)
[2011-08-28][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam’s ‘Main Waari Jaavan’ is coming in Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (0)
[2011-08-26][Atif aslam news]
Amr Kashmiri talks about Atif aslam personality! (2)
[2011-08-25][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif’s music goes global by Prashant Singh (0)
[2011-08-25][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam to collaborate with musicians like John Mayer, Coldplay and Jimmy (0)
[2011-08-25][Atif aslam interview]
Hong Kong Tour Was Fantastic: Atif Aslam (0)
[2011-08-24][Atif aslam news]
Manzar sehbai admires Atif aslam's personality! (1)
[2011-08-20][Atif aslam Articles]
Bol is gathering positive response in India (0)
[2011-08-13][Atif aslam Reviews]
Rocking night: Atif Aslam brings the house down (0)
[2011-08-12][Atif aslam interview]
Atif aslam interview to AHI:Rising, Shining Pakistan (Part I) (0)
[2011-08-10][Atif aslam news]
Sonu Nigam Admires Atif aslam's Debut movie BOL (5)
[2011-08-06][Atif aslam news]
SONIC PEACE MAKER - PROJECT REPORT: Atif Aslam To Work With Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (0)
[2011-08-04][Atif aslam news]
Fake news:Atif Aslam has sung a song for Shahid Kapoor Starrer Mausam (3)
[2011-08-02][Atif aslam news]
Goher Mumtaz Posted about Atif’s role in Bol! (5)
[2011-07-31][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam & Strings to be featured in MTV India’s show “Unplugged” (2)
[2011-07-29][Atif aslam news]
A unique opportunity for AADEEZ by Atif Aslam! (0)
[2011-07-25][Atif aslam news]
What happened to Atif arena facebook page? (2)
[2011-07-10][Atif aslam news]
Bol set to release in India on Eid (31 august 2011) (4)
[2011-07-02][Atif aslam news]
BOL Movie to Break all the Records By Sana kazim (6)
[2011-06-30][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam-Rahat Fateh have songs, featuring Veena Malik (1)
[2011-06-29][Atif aslam Reviews]
Bol Movie Review By (1)
[2011-06-29][Atif aslam news]
‘Bol’ continues to receive overwhelming response (0)
[2011-06-29][Atif aslam Reviews]
The Pakistani film-maker tackling hypocrisy and taboos (0)
[2011-06-26][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam's Movie BOL Review (2)
[2011-06-24][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif aslam motivation for the youth about Bol (0)
[2011-06-24][Atif aslam Reviews]
Review:24 june,First day,Bol Rocked the cinemas (1)
[2011-06-21][Atif aslam interview]
[2011-06-13][Atif aslam Articles]
A message for 2 million facebook aadeez from Atif aslam (8)
[2011-06-13][Atif aslam interview]
“I’m the little smile in Bol” Atif Aslam By Naila Inayat (0)
[2011-06-12][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam,Mekaal Hasan & Others Working with Indian Classical Singer Mahua Sen (0)
[2011-06-06][Atif aslam Reviews]
Bol: Soundtrack (Review) (0)
[2011-05-25][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam is the ‘most wanted’ Singer for Coke Studio MTV (7)
[2011-05-23][Atif aslam news]
Jang Article:Watch Atif Aslam on Silver Big Screen (0)
[2011-05-23][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam’s Debut movie ‘Bol’ MUSIC To Release on May 30th 2011 (1)
[2011-05-20][Atif aslam news]
Pakistani Singers Ruling Bollywood – Report by an Indian Website (4)
[2011-05-19][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam & Aisha Linnea Endorse Q-Mobile (0)
[2011-05-17][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam criticized by Abhijit Sawant this time (12)
[2011-05-10][Atif aslam news]
Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Bol’ confirmed for 24 June release worldwide (0)
[2011-05-07][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam's Twitter and You tube accounts hacked! [Updated] (1)
[2011-05-04][Atif aslam news]
Pakistani Film BOL gets delayed again! (2)
[2011-05-01][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam finally working on 4th album, to be released in 2011 (3)
[2011-04-18][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam nominated for Pak Media Awards 2011 (3)
[2011-04-16][Atif aslam Reviews]
Atif aslam - Standard Chartered Priority Night in Lahore at Haveli Asif Jah (Review) (3)
[2011-04-08][Atif aslam news]
TIPS to release the music of Pakistani Film ‘BOL’ in India (8)
[2011-04-02][Atif aslam interview]
[2011-04-01][Atif aslam Articles]
The upcoming movie `BOL' makes you think about society and individuality (0)
[2011-03-31][Atif aslam Articles]
CRICKETFEVER:Howzat?The music industry’s take on today’s match (0)
[2011-03-29][Atif aslam Articles]
Pakistani artists who crossed the border successfully by Hafsah Sarfraz (0)
[2011-03-26][Atif aslam Articles]
‘Heaven is right here in Pakistan’ Atif aslam (1)
[2011-03-21][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif’s top five love songs By Hafsah Sarfraz (1)
[2011-03-16][Atif aslam Articles]
‘Bol’movie to release after World Cup (0)
[2011-03-16][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Arif Lohar, Saeen Zahoor and Sanam Marvi to Perform Together (0)
[2011-03-15][Atif aslam news]
Eros to release Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Bol’ worldwide on 20th May, 2011 (3)
[2011-03-05][Atif aslam news]
Atif is single,ready to mingle (Video is updated) (6)
[2011-03-04][Atif aslam interview]
Dream discovery: Atif Aslam (5)
[2011-03-03][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Shows Insecurity Towards Ali Zafar’s Exceeding Success (6)
[2011-03-02][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif Aslam turns actor with Bol (1)
[2011-02-20][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam Debut Movie "bol" to Release this April 2011 (5)
[2011-02-12][Movie songs lyrics]
Lyrics:Atif aslam's Le ja tu mujhay (Ost)(FALTU) (2)
[2011-01-29][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam Never outs:Rona Chadita at Rank 2 (2)
[2011-01-25][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam's Facebook Page Has the Highest Daily Growth Rate (16)
[2011-01-23][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam nominated for Bollywood Hungama Music Awards 2010 (3)
[2011-01-22][Atif aslam Articles]
MideastMix:Pakistani hit musicians salute 2011 in Dubai (0)
[2011-01-16][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam Joins Twitter, Finally (8)
[2011-01-14][Atif aslam news]
Rumour:Be Part of Atif Aslam’s Official Video for Cricket World Cup 2011 (4)
[2011-01-05][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam all set to perform with Fareed Ayaz Qawwal (2)
[2011-01-01][Atif aslam Articles]
Atif Aslam, One of the Top Concert Attractions of 2010? (3)
[2011-01-01][Atif aslam Articles]
Paki hit musicians salute 2011 in Dubai (1)
[2010-12-25][Atif aslam news]
[2010-12-25][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam 16th Sexiest man in Asia (0)
[2010-12-19][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam rules YouTube in 2010 (1)
[2010-12-18][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam’s Official Youtube Channel Gets Hacked! [Updated] (0)
[2010-12-18][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam has sung a song for Jackky Bhagnani’s Starrer ‘F.A.L.T.U’ (2)
[2010-12-08][Atif aslam news]
Atif aslam is not at twitter (1)
[2010-12-07][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam replaces Shahid Kapoor in major event (2)
[2010-12-07][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam will be part of Ranbir Kapoor’s world concert (2)
[2010-12-01][Atif aslam news]
Atif Aslam is coming in season 4 of coke studio (4)
[2010-11-27][Atif aslam Articles]
Humsay about Bol Movie (3)
[2010-11-26][Atif aslam news]
Bol Movie Music Details (3)
[2010-11-19][Atif aslam interview]
InstepSpecial Celebrities, music and Eid (4)
[2010-11-15][Atif aslam Articles]
In the loop : Atif Aslam: between acting and making music (0)
[2010-11-13][Atif aslam Articles]
Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol to focus on women’s issues (1)
[2010-11-11][Atif aslam news]
Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol gets censor clearance (0)
[2010-11-09][Atif aslam news]
Info about the Atif aslam Debut movie "Bol" (1)
[2010-11-02][Atif aslam Articles]
Top Music Personalities in Pakistan (1)
[2010-10-24][Atif aslam Articles]
"It’s about how the Americans should see the brighter side of Pakistan" - Atif Aslam (0)
[2010-10-24][Atif aslam interview]
Spotlight - Catching up with Atif Aslam & Lanny Cordola (1)
[2010-10-21][Atif aslam news]
Atif to act in Bollywood movie (10)
[2010-10-19][Lyrics Singles of atif aslam]
Lyrics:Main Phir Sey Jeon Ga - We Will Rise Again by Atif aslam (1)
[2010-10-18][Atif aslam Articles]
Musicians visit flood-hit areas across the country (0)
[2010-10-13][Atif aslam Articles]
Main Hara nahi houn (I didn't Quit) : Atif Aslam (3)
[2010-10-11][Atif aslam Articles]
‘Ab Khud Kuch Karna Parega’: Strings and Atif Aslam join forces with an awareness drive (0)

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