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Atif’z interview to "MYBANGLORE"

I wanted to be cricketer, but I am a musician now', says Atif Aslam

by NISHAL LAMA   |  13. February 2010

Down to earth, he first harboured a dream to become a cricketer one day, but found solace and now a career, in music. Atif Aslam, in conversation

Atif Aslam in Bangalore for his Concert at Palace Grounds on February 13th Atif Aslam in Bangalore for his Concert at Palace Grounds on February 13th

Atif Aslam, who started off his career with a band like Jal, finally turned out to be a solo musician. Today, he is easily one of the most sough-after singers from Pakistan. No matter where he is performing, his concerts are not something that people like to miss.

Known for some of the hit numbers like Jal Pari, Aadat, Hum Kis Gali Jaa Rahe Hain, Ehsaas, Doorie, Kuch is Tarah, Pehli Nazar, the Lahore Lad is all set to mesmerized Bangalore audience today when he will be performing in the concert organized by Chromozome Productions at Palace Ground.
The Prince of Pop, Atif, was present for a press conference yesterday when we, at Mybangalore, caught up with the singer for a quick tete a tete. Extracts from the interview: 

MyBangalore: Your first concert in Bangalore. I am sure you must have heard about the music scenario here.
Atif Aslam: Yes, I have heard a lot about the place, and I am pretty aware of the music culture. Assuming the place has a strong band culture won’t be wrong. So, yes, I am indeed excited about the concert this evening, and I hope it beats any other cities in terms of crowd response from the country. The responses that I have got from cities like Delhi and Mumbai have been pretty delightful; I look forward to the show today.  

"I wanted to be a cricketer", Atif Aslam"I wanted to be a cricketer", Atif Aslam
We see that wherever Atif performs, it draws a huge audience, no matter where the place is. I am sure you enjoy the attention, especially of the huge female fans.
AA: When you have the urge to do something big, you really work hard for it, which is something that I have done in all these years. There is a lot of hard work that has gone behind of what I am today. But, I have enjoyed every moment of my life. I love my fans, be it the boys or the girls; it’s the same for me. 

AA: Well, they just love my music; they love me as a musician, and my personality has got nothing to do with that. The love letters that I get sometimes from my fans just amuses me.  

Atif in Jal Pari; and Atif in Meri Kahani
AA: Jal Pari was my first solo album; I was young, more like a very teenage boy. Over the years, all the music that I have done has made me matured. I have been evolved – both as a musician and a person. 

Atif, as a musician
AA: I am not a trained singer, but what I have understood in all these years is that music is like a sea; it’s vast. All these years of performance have just helped me to evolve as a musician, and I am glad to see where I stand today. I have had the share of being both: play back singer, where I sang for commercial movies, and at the same time had a band. About my success, well, I got nominated for a lot of times, but was never awarded (laughs). I have also had a lot of critics who have said a lot of things about my music, but then it’s just part of it.
I love to sing, but may not be always the same. I will sing good when I am in the mood, but when I am not, I may be the last person you would like to hear.
Music in Pakistan...
AA: is a bit different. There, it’s more band oriented. The music that you hear is very raw, not a lot of orchestra involved in it. Here, I see it’s very commercial industry.  But, it’s just the part of the game. Music, after all, has no definition. It’s just how you perceive.  

Any movie offers?
AA: Yes, quite a lot, but I don’t want to sign up for any kind of commercial movies. I want the right kind of scripts to come my way, but I have recently signed a movie with Shoaib Mansoor. In the movie I will be the play the role of a doctor who wants to be a musician. I am open to Bollywood.  

Atif Aslam smiles for MyBangaloreAtif Aslam smiles for MyBangalore

You are influenced listening to...
AA: none. I have been never influenced listening to anybody. My music has always sound like me. But, I do love listening to people like Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,R.D. Burman, Mohammad Rafi but, they are the prodigies; too good to be influenced by. They have history with their music, and nothing can change that.   

We hear that you wanted to be a cricketer...
AA: (Laughs) yes, and I still have that feeling; to be a cricketer someday. But, it was my parents who never let me get into it. So, I found my alternative – music. But I have played a lot of cricket in my erstwhile life. I had played the under 19 tournament when I was 17-years-old, and I have played cricket with a lot of big cricketers from my country. 

Your favourite cricketer...
AA: is Wasim Akram. 

From India?
AA: Sachin Tendulkar. 

Your home is...
AA: Pakistan. I live in Lahore, but will soon be shifting to Dubai. 

Valentines Day preparation...
AA: Not really. I don’t like to believe in it. Gifting something and showing all the extra care on this day doesn't mean that your love is very special. It has to be the same all throughout the day. And Pakistan doesn’t celebrate Valentines Day.   

Pakistani singers do really well in India...
AA : and it’s true. Perhaps, we don’t get the platform back in our country. But there are a lot of talents that exists there. India, I guess, has the right market for musicians, and it gives the right platform is the much needed thing for any industry to grow. 

But do you think India and Pakistan has shared a good relationship?
AA: Music has done its part, for it has no border. If people comes on TV and say that they are doing everything to make things right, it just may not be the case. They will have to genuinely work for it.  

Music in India is very band oriented...
AA: and guess, that’s what makes it different. I think, it doesn’t sound very commercial; songs, there, are very band oriented. When I first sang ‘Woh Lamhe’ for a commercial movie, it still was very raw.  

Some of the new singers that you would love to sing with in India?
AA : I am a huge fan of Suchitra. I love listening to her songs. I have already done a track with Alisha, and one of my next performances will be with Shreya Ghoshal. So, yes, they are lot of singers that I love listening to. 

Sufi Music...
AA: is different. Any everybody cannot be a Sufi musician. Music lives in them, and its different, not something that can be easily done. One, singing some Sufi music for a day or two doesn’t make him Sufi musician.  

One thing that you would like to see in your audience when you are performing.
AA: Expression. There are performances when people come, listen, and go; and there are others when they come and let themselves go out of all thoughts, and that’s when the real expression comes out. I like to see that during my live-in-concerts. 

And form the performance that you are doing this evening?
AA: Well, it all depends on the people who come to see me. I would like to wait and see, how it turns out to be. Chromozome Productions is organizing the concert in support to the HIV affected children through Chaitanya welfare society.
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