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InstepSpecial Celebrities, music and Eid

Celebrities, music and Eid:
Instep talks to the music industry on how they are celebrating this Eid holiday…

1. What are you doing on Eid?
2. What are you wearing?
3. What about sacrifice?
4. How is this Eid different from Eid ul Fitar?
Shahzeb Shaikh


Atif Aslam


1. I will be celebrating Eid with my family in my native city, Wazirabad.

2. I am wearing a turquoise kurta from Shahbaz Aslam for my friend’s wedding the same day.

3. Bakra

4. I think both Eids are fun. It depends upon the people how they celebrate it. Sacrifice is an important duty and reminds us of the great sacrifice.


Bilal Maqsood (Strings)

1. I look forward to a very relaxing Eid lunch on the first day. Our immediate family gets together at Ayesha khala’s and hangout till evening.

2. Probably a white kurta pajama from my existing wardrobe.

3. I usually have it done elsewhere but this year its going to be at our place.

4. Though it lacks the fervor of Eid ul Fitr but somehow Eid mornings are always very special.


Faisal Kapadia (Strings)

1. Spending time with family. Also, some members have also come from the US, so will be enjoying with them.

2. White kurta with jeans

3. Bakra

4. It is a high protein Eid.


1. Spending time with family in Islamabad and meeting friends.

2. I am wearing a shalwar Kameez.

3. Apart from the obvious religious ritual and connotations, sacrificing an animal on Eid is a good reminder that another creature’s life has to be taken for our sustenance. Often times people buy meat packaged and already cut up into portions. It is good to be reminded that a living breathing animal was sacrificed to feed us. So all that blood may be disturbing to some but that is one part of the process of our daily meal.

4. Both Eids to me are equally engaging. There is always a festive air about Eid. I think it is wonderful that people reach out to many friends and family that they haven’t been in touch with during Eid.

Gohar Mumtaz (Jal)

1. I will be celebrating Eid family. Also, I will be donating stuff to flood victims.

2. Red shalwar kameez from Junaid Jamshed.

3. Bakra

4. I believe only the Bakra makes it different from Eid ul Fitr.

Farhan Saeed (Jal)

1. Namaz, qurbani and sona 

2. Shalwar kameez

3. We will sacrifice a Bakra

4. I think Ed-ul-Fitr is the real Eid. I used to be excited when I was a child but after maturity age its different now.

Najam Sheraz

1. I am in England but hopefully should be back with everyone by the second day of Eid

2. I’ll be wearing a shalwar kameez.

3. I wish I could sacrifice all my bad habits this time. Well as far as the animal is concerned it will be done as always

4. Eid-ul-Fitr is a reward after Ramadan has a joy of its own kind this one is great in its own spirit since we share meat with the poor but I don’t like the fact that we take it as a tradition and not understand the spirit of it which is sacrificing your most beloved thing for Allah . We sacrifice an animal as a tradition or Sawab but leave our own false desires and the animal alive inside us and not surrender or submit which also means correcting one self and taking the right path. As a nation we need to sacrifice a lot and take the right path more than ever so its another chance for all of us only if we understand.


Qurram Hussain (Josh)

1. Eid will be spent with family this time around. Usually we are on the road but at least we are lucky this time to be home so I’m looking forward to having an Eid with family! Nothing beats homemade food on Eid!

2. A simple shalwar kameez is the best Eid outfit! Nothing beats the comfort of a shalwar kameez.

3. That’s my family’s dept. Living in Canada we don’t do sacrifice here but we still get it done on our behalf in Pakistan

4. This Eid is all about eating and spending time with your loved ones. The festive attitude is all around us, and everyone gets to mingle when they exchange the meats. I find that this one has a more active atmosphere because of all the movements. It doesn’t compare to Eid in pakistan but we do what we can to make it special here in Canada as well!


Junaid Khan (Call)

1. As usual will be taking time off work and spending time with family feasting on some bakra spare parts.

2. The traditional shalwar kameez      

3. We do it every year but Eid is not just about sacrificing an animal. It is also about letting go of your regular work routine and spending some quality time with your close ones.

4. Actually the opposite. That is sweet, this one is salty.


Asad Ahmed (Karavan)

1. On Eid I like to spend time with family. The day is spent having lunch and dinner at my uncle and aunt’s place.

2.  A shalwar kameez.

3. Always 2 bakras.

4. I don’t have to shell out Eidi on this one!

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4 aisha  
atif aslam im ur vvvv biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggest fan in whole universe n also of katrina kaif. u r lovely awesome everything cool

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3 Firdos Khan  
Atif - U r looking very nice un 'kurta'....

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love ya FARHAN :*

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great atif...

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