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A hot chat with Atif....
Describe yourself?

I am slow but intense.

Do you plan or are in the process of doing something for the betterment of the society? (For example, doing charity shows or using your music/ videos to convey a positive public message.)

I have done couple of shows for charity. I am not associated specifically with one charitable organization.

How would you like your ideal woman to be like?

She has to be very honest and loyal towards me. The best physical feature that she should have are nice feet!

Name one common (public) place where you enjoy hanging out most?

Well nowadays I can’t enjoy common places. Hmm! Well there is a place in Norway, END OF THE WORLD; I really enjoy hanging out there

What are the three things that you just cant live without?

I can’t live without my mother, my guitar and water.

Any regrets in life?
No regrets.

You have many fans all around the world! So, do you intend to do a world tour in the near future?

Yes, I most definitely have plans for a world tour. I am planning to go to United Kingdom, Canada and USA within few months.

So, what will be your next video and what will the concept be like?

Well the next video is a surprise for you all. But, I will leak out something about it, it is a song from my new album. The concept is about a guy who is basically frustrated with his own life. It shows how he is struggling in his life and can’t get ahead despite all his efforts.

How is the planning for your next album coming along?

Yes I am planning a new album; it should be out in about 5 to 6 months. This album will be different from my previous album, as it will not have similar kind of songs.

What are the worst rumours you have ever heard about yourself?

I have Blood Cancer. Also, that I got my ‘Aadat’’ song, for 5 lakhs rupees from Italy. I was responsible for the break up of Jal and that I lost the case in which there was a dispute between Jal and me.

Which is your one all time favourite song?

Richard Marx’s, ‘My Confessions’

Pakistan is an Islamic State and Islam preaches equality. Despite that there is severe inequality among the masses, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. What are your views on that?

I also personally believe that the rich people, in our country are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This is because, I reckon that the rich people are selfish, as they only criticize the poor people and do nothing to help them out. I think we should all work together for the poor society to beat poverty.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

When I used to about 5 to 6 years old in school, I used to tease my teacher and flirt with her because I had a crush on her!

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

There should be silence and a candle light dinner.

Celebrities are well known for their attitude does this apply to you as well?

Nooo! This is so not true. By the way, this is another rumour. All these rumours such as, I don’t respect my fans, I take rupees 500 to sign an autograph for a fan and I think too much of myself. All these things are not true because I don’t have an attitude problem.

Why did you split up from Jal?

I Split up from Jal because in the beginning I composed Aadat when I was in college. I discussed the song with Goher and we finally recorded the song in Mekal Hassan’s studio with ace guitarist Salmam Albert. There was no input of Goher Mumtaz in the recording of Aadat as Mekal Hassan played for us. I aired aadat on the jal site I thought of the name. I still have the copyright for Jal I can still sue them. I came up with everything; it was always very hard to convince Goher because he was extremely bossy throughout. When we started getting popular, the matter of who would manage our band arose. Goher suggested that since my brother Shahbaz was already in show biz he would know best how to manage our band and that since we were not yet famous we should not pay him. Then as time went by suddenly one fine day Goher said that his brother will also manage us!! It all boiled down to money really, because Goher wanted 60 percent of the share of the profits to come his way. I said forget it, since it is our band, we will manage it ourselves. We had a big fight regarding this matter. I rang him up and suggested we forget about everything, all the fights and the conflicts and just work together as a band. Regardless of this, after our exams Goher rings me up and says we have a show in Karachi today, its up to you whether you want to come or not, I shall represent Jal even if you don’t come. We had a show in Lahore the same day, which he did not want to go to. Although the Lahore show was a prior commitment, Goher felt that since it was being covered by a TV channel they will get more exposure there even if it meant ditching the Lahore organizers who had already planed out everything. To top it up, he pretended to ring me in front of the Karachi organizers and fabricated a story that I won’t be able to make it due to a death in the family! I found out only when the organizers rang me at home to confirm the story. In those days I did not even have a cell phone, therefore it was really hard for them to get in touch with me and when they did I actually had to sing to them because they did not believe me when I said its really me Atif Aslam and Alhamdolillah there has been no death in my family! Actually, the truth of the matter is Goher wanted to sing, he wanted to be in the spotlight. I felt extremely insecure that day. I realized that if Goher is willing to leave me today, he wouldn’t hesitate to leave me any other day! Therefore, that day, I performed solo in Lahore. He took the first step not me. After how they treated me, I was not prepared to work with them ever again. It was me, who was always ready to compromise! After that Goher recorded my song. The moderator of the website, Zoher was a good friend of Goher’s; he replaced my name on the song with his name. I blindly trusted him but he broke my trust. After that they just took over the website, they recorded the song ‘lamhe’, and they made the video. I said to myself what’s the point and then from there onwards I went solo. MASHALLAH SE I was and will continue to be successful.

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3 Adeeyahareem  
how to chat wd atif sir ??

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2 mehwish rao  
atif u r so sweet i love u and miss u u rock star

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1 Zara  
atif aslam bahi
if you don't mind me calling you that because you are older than me and it is alwasy good to respect your olders.
i really enjoying listen to songs and i haven't been to one of your concerts before, but i would love to come and watch that will be the greates day of my life.
takecare of yourself and keep making good songs.
may blessing of allah be upon you.
P.S say salam to every one at home.

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