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When news Atif of Aslam being cast by Shoaib Mansoor in Bol made the headlines, a sense of excitement rippled through the entertainment industry.

With his big screen debut slated for release on June 24 throughout Pakistan, Images on Sunday caught up with the singer now turned actor to talk about his role in the film, the re- vival/rebirth of Pakistan’s film industry and a whole lot more.



How were you ap- proached by Shoaib Mansoor for Bol?


AA : I got a call from Shoaib Mansoor and he asked if I’d be interested in doing the music of Bol. I said why not and suggested we meet. When we did, to my surprise he offered me the chance to act in the lead role. After reading the script, I was even more in- terested in doing it.



What is your role in the film?


AA: I play a doctor who wants to be a musician. He has two loves: one is music and the other is a neighborhood girl.



How challenging is the role for you as a musician?


AA: In the beginning it was quite challenging because I had zero acting experience and delivering dialogues was the most difficult thing for me to do. But after I began to act, I grew as an artiste.



How is acting in music videos different from the big screen?


AA: Acting in a music video is basically about lip syncing songs and giving expressions that represent what the song is about. While acting for the silver screen, you have to deliver dialogues, remember them and you have to be in a certain frame of mind. It isn’t about being yourself, but about your character.

I don’t think I was nervous. I was more careful and cautious. If given another chance, I think I can do better. There’s always room for improvement.



Do you think you can act?


AA: I don’t know, really. It wasn’t a tough role for a beginner so I’ve tried my level best and it wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t need any kind of training.



Did having Shoaib Mansoor there help you? How was it working with him?


AA: It was amazing. I ap preciate his punctuality, script writing and his art. He was very helpful while deciding if I should do Bol or not since it is based on a controversial subject. Shoaib Saheb told me that I will not be part of the con troversy as it revolves round someone else’s char acter.



Did you ever think you’d venture into acting?


AA : I’ve been offered roles in Indian films but I wanted my debut film to be from Pakistan. A lot of peo ple think that I’ve made my music career from India, but that’s not true. I made it big in Pakistan and then I went across the border.



What kind of audience will Bol appeal to?


AA: I think it’s a film for the entire nation. It spreads awareness about many issues.



Do you think it will be as popular as Khuda Kay Liye?


AA: I have big expectations. But it all depends on how audiences interpret the film, respond and react to it.

How was the experience working with Mahira Khan?  


AA : It was brilliant. I think she’s very talented and she’ll go places. In the beginning, she was as nerv ous as I was but

when she started working, she was just brilliant. I had better chemistry with her off screen than on screen, Shoaib Saheb would say.

Can Bol do what Khuda Kay Liye couldn’t in terms of bringing about a revolution in our film industry?


AA: Bol is a step ahead of Khuda Kay Liye. There is no hard-line against anyone in Bol. It conveys the right message, though the interpretation may vary from viewer to viewer.

Any memorable incidents on the sets?


AA: While we were shooting at a girls’ school in Lahore, the students would come out of their classes and look through the windows. Of all the students running round, a girl injured her head. We then had to put up tents around the shooting area to prevent anybody from looking inside.

What kind of a soundtrack does Bol have?


AA: I like the music. I have composed it myself, specially the song, Hona Tha Pyar. I would like to thank Shiraz Uppal because he arranged all of the music. He is very good to work with as he listened to what I needed and delivered.

Khuda Kay Liye was a musical film, how does Bol’s music compare to it?


AA: I really like Sajjad Ali and I think his music comes off excellent on the big screen. Bol is not a musical, it is the lighter and happier side of the film. Khuda Kay Liye completely revolved round music.

What message would you like convey to your fans through the film?


AA: I thank everyone for supporting me and convincing me to do the film. I would like all my friends and fans to go and watch it not in the perspective of my debut film, but in the perspective of gaining knowledge about certain issues.


[VIA INSTEP 19-06-2011]

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1 Ani  
Atif ji I m really very happy that BOL got record breaking success in all over Pakistan...Although we couldnt seen it in Bangladesh as its not yet released world wide......but will try 2 watch as soon as possible after its world wide release............PLEASE DO TAKE CARE OF URSELF........N BEST WISHES TO U N UR FAMILY......:)

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