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Pakistani Pop Singer Atif aslam’s Love Song (Naat) to the Prophet

Pakistani Pop Singer Atif Aslam’s Love Song to the Prophet

I am not much in touch with the Pakistani pop scene but I recently came across a Youtube video of Pakistani pop sensation Atif Aslam — my teeny-bop cousins looove him – singing something very un-pop like in Punjabi — at the Hajj, wearing the ahram. I tracked down the lyrics and discovered that it is an old Punjabi devotional by Pir Meher Ali Shah. This thread at the Atif Aslam official forums seem to confirm that he was at Hajj.

Enjoy my meager attempt at transliteration and translation below.  (I am not fluent in Punjabi nor do I have any training so if you can do better please comment).

aj sik mitraN di vadheri ae
kyun dilrhi udaas ghanayri ae
loo loo vich shawk changayri ae
aj naina layan kyun jharyaaN

why is my yearning for the beloved so intense today?
why is there such longing in my heart?
why does separation penetrate every ounce of me?
why do my eyes shed tears like stormy rain?

mukh chund badr shashani ae
mathay chumkay laat nurani ae
kali zulf tay akh mastani ae
chittay dand vich moti diyan haan laryaaN

His face shines full like the moon
From his brow radiates brilliant light
His hair is black and eyes bewitching
His teeth are white like a string of pearls.

ae soorat noon main jaan aakhaaN
janaaN kay jaane jahan aakhaaN
such aakhaan tay rab di shaan aakhaaN
jis shaan thay shaanaaN sub baniyaN

Should I refer to his visage as my life?
Or the life of the whole universe itself?
Truth is that he is the glory of God
From the glory all glories emanate.

Here he goes back to the opening stanza.

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2 KimkasJK  
Thanks for the helpful post.

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1 fatima shaikh  
hi janooo atof how u im the big fan of u mujhai app ko yai batana tha kai app ko mai nai karachi mai dekha tha or ek letter bhi diya shayad app nai parha koi bat nai mai nai us mai apna no likha tha by the way mai app kai barai mai bohot kuch janti hon app lahore mai paida huai app ka fav colour blue or app ki birthday 12 march ko ati hai mairi 14 march ko

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