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As the album starts off with the sensational track Doorie, one begins to expect the best from the rest of the album. It is the cover track of the album, a great love song with a bit of a tragedy to it, is well suited as the very first track of the album. Also, it greatly portrays Atif's singing abilities and the tune is catchy and easily memorable. Next in the album is the good old Ehsaas from the previous album, and in case you haven't heard it before, is an acoustic kind of a track with a country touch to it. We didn't hate it it the previous album, nor do we hate it here. Moving on, we find Ham Kis Galli Ja Rahe Hain with a rock touch to it. Perhaps Atif's greatest vocal strengths lie in this song, as he is high pitched throughout, which is definitely his strength. Certainly one of the strongest tracks of the album.

(By Atif Arena)

3.35 MB
Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahen Hain
3.47 MB
Kuch Is Tarah
3.62 MB
O Re Piya
3.13 MB
Mahi Ve
3.11 MB
2.64 MB
2.77 MB
Doorie (House Mix)
3.98 MB
Kuch Is Tarah (Euro Mix)
3.74 MB
Mahiya Ve Soniya (Soul Mix)
2.14 MB
O Re Piya (Trance Mix)
2.82 MB
Yakeen (Club Mix)
2.5 MB
Doorie (Energy Mix)
3.41 MB
Mahi Ve (Eternal Mix)
3.23 MB
Ehsaas (Freaky Mix)
2.60 MB
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